Jassi Doesn't Like It Ep 2 : Kalesh on the Internet | JASPREET SINGH

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Talking about things i don't "like" . Yeh Content nahi Emotion hai!
#ThandRakho #WithMe
Written and Performed by - Jaspreet Singh
Post Production: Myoho Films
Edit & Grade: Karan Asnani
Thankyou Garv Malik

Jaspreet Singh
  • Jaspreet Singh

    Jaspreet Singh


    Instagram : instagram.com/lifeofpaaji/
    Aur bdhiya bdhiya comments aur like vgerah krna na bhoolein. Aur share toh bilkul :)

    • Shifu Kaiming

      Shifu Kaiming

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      Jaruri toh nhi hai na bro😅

    • Jayanta Nayak

      Jayanta Nayak


      Please get a phone mike. That would be better for your videos. Otherwise a big fan!

    • Subarno Siraji

      Subarno Siraji


      I came upon your standup videos quite recently, but I'm already a huge fan! Loved this one, especially noticing one of my favorite books Catch-22 by the lamp 🤗🤩

    • Ayush Jha

      Ayush Jha


      @khalistan Referendum 2020 रात होगयी सो जा

    • Pallavi Bhajni

      Pallavi Bhajni

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  • Shifu Kaiming

    Shifu Kaiming

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    Are Jassi bhai, hum toh bas bakchodi ke liye boycott wala drama kar rhe the😅

  • bikramjit singh

    bikramjit singh

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    Boht vdiaa bhaji 👍🏻

  • Veer Harjit Singh Surrey

    Veer Harjit Singh Surrey

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    ਭਰਾਵਾ ਰਾਤ ਦੇ 10 ਵਜੇ ਮੈਂ ਤੇਰੀ ਇਹ ਵੀਡੀਓ ਵੇਖੀ ਨਾਲੇ ਮੈਂ ਦੁੱਧ ਪੀ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਸੀ । ਪਰ ਵੀਡੀਓ ਦੇਖ ਕੇ ਮੈਂ ਐਨਾ ਹੱਸਿਆ ਬਈ ਦੁੱਧ ਪੀਣਾ ਅਉਖਾ ਹੋ ਗਿਆ

    ਖੁਸ਼ ਰਹੋ ਮੇਰਾ ਵੀਰ !

  • Gurpreet Kalsi , A-135

    Gurpreet Kalsi , A-135

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    we really appreciate you @jaspreet singh ji to bring this thing into highlights.. because this is the most underrated issue of ours.. i really cant understand why do ppl think its cool n its not triggering when they make fun of us publically.. few days back i was with mom to her friend's place n her frnd was proudly sharing a story of how they use to trouble my mom in school when the clock turned 12..
    when we were young.. i n my sister we were literally embarassed to walk with our brother on road just bcz of the fear of being trolled in the school.....! no actions were taken on our complains.. n aise hi we passed out our schools n clg......!
    like we can correct one , two, three but to bring this to everyone we all need to come in front......! again a big thanks to you to bring this to ppl that WE ARE NORMAL JUST LIKE YOU........!

  • Priyanka Haridas

    Priyanka Haridas

    9 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Listening to your "Jassi doesn't like it" episodes reminds me of a friend from college who keeps me sane when I read all the hateful comments/content on internet ❤️ love your content ❤️

  • Ashish Choudhary

    Ashish Choudhary

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    Abe comedian netagiri kab se shuru kar diya?

  • Pinkey Pal

    Pinkey Pal

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    Well Said :)



    16 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Love u dear......Too good..A person with an intellucal brain...Fan ho gya bhai sahib.....
    Late jaspal bhatti ji bhi aap ke hi jase the sir

  • Jagat Tomar

    Jagat Tomar

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    You are such a good speaker



    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Dil ki baat

  • namrata chib

    namrata chib

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    Tell me the name of the books kept behind you in this video

  • Ankit Kumar

    Ankit Kumar

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    शानदार brdr.....❤❤

  • Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet Singh

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    Sahi gal ve paaji❤❤❤

  • Let's Teach English Ease

    Let's Teach English Ease

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    Ticket kharid k phaad do😂

  • Nub


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    My main work "TRIGGERING PEOPLE ".....

  • vaibhav yadav

    vaibhav yadav

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    Lovely man .

  • Ujala Kaleem

    Ujala Kaleem

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    Marlooooo🤣🤣🤣😅 Boht Allaww

  • Kushal Gupta

    Kushal Gupta

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    Rocket singh mast this Jaspreet.
    Baaki toh aapne ekdum sahi bola bhai 🙂🙂

  • Reeshika Rajpal

    Reeshika Rajpal

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    Even I can't argue with strangers on Social Media. I have done 2 or 3 times. But it Really took lot of my attention. After making some Comment I kept on checking for other person's reply. Then I realized this such a wastage of time nothing else after that I never indulged in any argument on Social Media.

  • Sakhi Creations

    Sakhi Creations

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  • Santosh Rawat

    Santosh Rawat

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    मै कभी भी मोटिवेशन वीडियो नही देखता
    आपका वीडियो पूरा देखा क्योकि उसमे सुनने मे अच्छा लगा और बातें भी सही है

  • Dilshad Ansari

    Dilshad Ansari


    Zabardast Jassi. I liked the video too much. Earlier I was fan of your comedy but now fan of your ideology too. 👌👍

  • Meera's mom

    Meera's mom



  • Lucky Brar

    Lucky Brar


    Haha bada ghaint galan krda

  • aravind krishnanh

    aravind krishnanh


    Bhai bahut sahi kaam kr rahe ho.....ye sab baato logo tk pahuchna bahut jaruri hai koi ese baate nahi uthana kyuki almost sab guilty hai .....great content bro...keep up with more such contents. God bless you

  • Sristhi



    Can't wait for Jassi doesn't like Ep-4(such eyeopener) videos 👏👏

  • hritthik keshwani

    hritthik keshwani


    Family stories kyu hataya

  • Nex Levix

    Nex Levix



  • Jatinder Pal Singh Nagi

    Jatinder Pal Singh Nagi


    The right message delivered in a good way.
    After suffering a couple of years of such crap from friends from school - a group on WhatsApp. Every few months, I would remind folks that the politicians are elected for 5 years and we have been friends for over 40 years, I decided that this is "kutte di poochh", and won't change. So with a polite message, I left that group.
    Have to say, my life and state of mind have been much better.

  • Anuradha Kumari

    Anuradha Kumari


    Maja a gya

  • Govind Dhall

    Govind Dhall


    Continue these series

  • Abrar Ali

    Abrar Ali


    Wow 😮 itni badi bat... I loved it.

  • keval singh

    keval singh


    Kisan andolan walo dekho ye video

  • kushagra basra

    kushagra basra


    This is so sensible!!

  • Gagan Deep

    Gagan Deep


    Mind blowing video 💕

  • sufiyan ahmad

    sufiyan ahmad


    Hahahahha superb brother. 100% right Today's scenario.
    Love u brother

  • Aijaz Shaikh

    Aijaz Shaikh


    El Number bhai

  • Kushel



    Best part 10:13 beta chachaji theek hai aapke papa hi chor yeh toh pehle bhi committee leke bhaag gaye the 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sumit Rao

    Sumit Rao


    Swaad aa gya

  • Divya Parghi

    Divya Parghi


    aap ne jo kahan sab 💯 sach kahan nd " chal juthha " ye word hona hi nhi chahiye us time ki movie mein jahan aesa mahol bana hai 🤷

  • Karan Deep

    Karan Deep


    Batra saab does not give a flying fuck 😂😂

  • simran singh

    simran singh



  • simran singh

    simran singh



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    Shivani Shyam Dubey



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    ConvexOP _


    India need improvement 🙏
    I am also involved.

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    ConvexOP _



  • Jasmine Barbie

    Jasmine Barbie


    No smoking 🤣🤣🤣

  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar


    This video you made was necessary. Thanks bhaisaab..

  • Ak 47

    Ak 47


    Hahha kaint ae 😂👌

  • Rajesh Bedi

    Rajesh Bedi


    Awesome Bro,

  • ishita garg

    ishita garg


    Love love love ❤️❤️❤️

  • J


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    kaljug 😂 22

  • ravi ramani

    ravi ramani

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    Keep doing what you are doing. Your clarity of thought and intent on FOS and entire topic is excellent, just so excellent and mature. 🙏👍

  • Kawal Randhawa

    Kawal Randhawa

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    I think Gobar was for Modi Bhagats 😅🤣😂

  • Jasleen Art Studio

    Jasleen Art Studio

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    The way you express 😘😘😘 You show your pure heart❤️❤️ and you want to inbuilt the same in others👍👍👍

  • NoName


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    World would be more peaceful and much better place without FB and Twitter.

  • Penny Dorka

    Penny Dorka

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    Very witty Jaspreet Singh, you have amazing talent. Keep sharing your humor and the laughs :)

  • harmeet kaur

    harmeet kaur

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    I appreciate your sense of humour. Gussa thanda rakho

  • Arwinder Kaur

    Arwinder Kaur

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    Really asm advise👍...

  • Vyom Ramani

    Vyom Ramani

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    Glucon-D Biscuit ke saath..... Ahh Nostalgia
    Bachpan yaad aagaya

  • Yash Chourey

    Yash Chourey

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    jassi bhai ekdum eye opener...thand rakho

  • rahul verma

    rahul verma

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    Awesome 😎👍
    Ekdum se Jazbat palat diye, halaat palat diye.😂😂

  • Restless Photographer

    Restless Photographer

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    Kewal andhbhakt hi tag karte rahte hai
    Kyoki unke paas fact aur truth nahi hota

  • Restless Photographer

    Restless Photographer

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    Everything you said true and rational bhaiyaji

  • Mann veermann

    Mann veermann

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    Once again you nailed it. Perfectly reasonable and reliable video. ❤👌👌

  • Manpreet Brar

    Manpreet Brar

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    Aaj tan bell icon dbbna pya bhra 😀😀 eh video pta ni kiven miss krti c m. Love you brother ❤️❤️ and this is the first time i am pressing bell icon 😃

  • Duggal Saab

    Duggal Saab

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    Life of paji you are great aapko video dekhna acha lgta he kyu ki the way of thinking is really different you are great. Morning ki pehli video din ban gya

  • Naresh Pandit

    Naresh Pandit

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    Paji Ranbir Kapoor ki Rocket singh me shayad normal business man ki life dikhayi hai...!🙄

  • Anand Gaurav

    Anand Gaurav

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    I guess, Anand movie me jo vardaan Rajesh khanna na babaji se manag tha, wo aapko mil gaya.. Khoob bole.. achha bole .. aur jinko nahi sunana ho, wo band kar de, gaali dekar apna khoon kyu jalaye bhai

  • Nitesh Singh

    Nitesh Singh

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    Hi chutiye
    Ye tumhe kharab nahi lagaa hoga.

  • 0064 Ankush Sheoran

    0064 Ankush Sheoran

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    Bhai ji be like stay cool and relax 😊😀😌🤓

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    nyc video...i feel d same

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    Manish Rattu

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    Paaji eh sab saale ghoose aa
    But well try bro 😎
    You’re doing good favour on Chaman chutiya maybe chutiyas will learn from this 😌👋👋

  • Happy Chahal

    Happy Chahal

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    My self Jaspreet chahal.why jaspreet think differently from others you are correct i was so brilliant student but my own family throw my jobs

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    Jasmine Kaur

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    Awesome 👏👏

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    Sada kutta kutta twada kutta tommy😂

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    Rajwant Sandhu

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    Well done, Jaspreet. Keep up the good work. I wish you all success.

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    Bishal Bhowmik

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    Oo paji kabhi hasa bhi lia karo

  • Rishabh Bhardwaj

    Rishabh Bhardwaj

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    1:26 "Itna Gussa Laate Kha Say Ho Bhai"🤣

  • gulafsha Jabbar

    gulafsha Jabbar

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    True yr same thoughts when I see most of the comments from people

  • Deep Karan

    Deep Karan

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    This man is just unbelievable ....his jokes makes a sense with with relative message for eg: 8:43 a where he looks like a cool 😎 dude with with the funny conveying msg of no smkoing😂😂😂

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    Amrit Vasisht

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    Bhot hi achi video bnai h 🔥🔥



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    Well said bro💯

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    Mangal Singh

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  • Gray mango

    Gray mango

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    Couldn't agree more...agreed on literally every word.

  • Suraj Singh

    Suraj Singh

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    People these days are like guddu bhaiya- zyada gand na phulao

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    The Amrit Life

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    Superb Content! Thank you

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    Rajeev Khosla

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    common nhi come on That Private jobs comment was way too lit

  • Vaibha Goel

    Vaibha Goel

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    8:44 I had to press F to exit full screen and then like the video

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    Best 👌

  • Amrit Cheema

    Amrit Cheema

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    Pra mere samjhae nahi koi samajhta.. so let it be.. love your comedy though 👍

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    Gyan mat de bdsk

  • Sunny Singh

    Sunny Singh

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    Jaspreet, you may have not realized that we belong to a tribe who have been 'spent' in every era but have never been recognised or followed. Shaheed-E-Azam title goes to BHAGAT SINGH and Martyr's Day is celebrated on 30th January.



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    Bhai AAPKI pubg ke upper kB AAYGI video 🥰🥰

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    Just the kind of rational thinking we need around

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    Bohot badiya 👍🏿

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    Most educational video

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    10:00 mere nal vi ho chukeya aa bas chche di thaan bhabha ji c